With electro twists and pop bursts, Leo Forest has teamed up with two-time Top Ten Billboard charting artist Jaki Nelson for their new single “Crying Wolf”. In warm shades and synthetic textures with a soft electro flirtation, which makes you want to dance, and while surrendering to the tempo of the scents of pop that delivers cascades of carpe diem devastating. Disturbing a groovy rhythm at will, bitten by torrid percussions and sensual eddies, this talented singer and songwriter slips notes that warm the body in movements bursting with delicate emotions.

L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, gros plan et plein air

Los Angeles singer and songwriter Leo Forest treats pop music as a vehicle for genuine emotion. Drawing strength from sensitivity, he fearlessly writes about everything from relationships and love to anxiety and mental health without holding back or filtering himself. This unabashed vulnerability immediately becomes his signature.

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