Here is Mabes who juggles this time with a singular sweetness on her new EP Keeping The Noise Down. Despite the explosive title, the synthetic swings are hemmed with a softness that becomes alternately caressing and fiery. Without using crescendos, the beats snap the arpeggios into vaporous fusing segments. Now a tension bitten by sweet pulsations, Mabes’s vocal performance is catchy, and we really love her original and well-written lyrics, distills a slender and dreamy groove. So in tempered and subdued notes of emotions, Mindchatter returns to whisper to hearts her subtle and irresistible rhythm. A potent new pop voice, each track included on the collection feels like a statement, delivered with impeccable sincerity. ‘Keeping The Noise Down’ is a mini-manifesto for Mabes‘ warm, open approach. For a moment of bewitching pleasure and delicacy, let yourself be carried away by Kerosene and its devastating dreamlike.


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