The talented indie folk songwriters duo McDermott & North are back with their new single ”Elope”. A  folk echoes that crackle, ricochet, and merge under an aerial song. In notes with both languid and stellar overtones, this gifted duo captivates our brain in iridescent harmonies of soft breezes. The singing voice is pure and amazing and it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres which will give you a great experience. With graceful refrains and light pulsations, McDermott & North weave a story with irresistible movements. “Elope” was written during Patrick McDermott’s first real relationship. It’s about vulnerability and innocence of the heart when you’re caught in the throes of love. So, for a captivating sweetness and charming breath, they catch our hearts under their vaporous and dreamy groove.


Between songwriters Patrick McDermott and Rhys North, there exists a natural and organic creative dynamic and partnership. Together, their work as McDermott & North has already brought them praise from Australian and international industry alike and as they progress throughout 2021, the duo are continuing to step things up. 
 Since their first meeting in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley back in 2016, McDermott & North have been elevating themselves as live performers, while their music has captivated audiences.

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