A voice with sensual intonations that slides on guitar riffs and tumults of soft percussions, here is Gregory Matthews aka Yellow Shoots with his impressive new release ”Pinning Paradise”. As in weightlessness, its arpeggios unfold a graceful rhythm with distant vaporous echoes. Matthews’s song defies gravity, ignoring time. Distilling folk-sounding touches our hearts with this delicate song. Yellow Shoots reveals the poetry of tender beauty, his voice is a piece of art, it’s pure and rich and his performance is very professional which shows how talented and skillful he is. A nice prospect is on the horizon.

Philadelphia-bred multi-instrumentalist and producer, yellow shoots (Gregory Matthews) is a musical polymath and alt-soul force informed by the life and the chromatic sensory experience of synesthesia. specializing in a hybridized sound that melds r&b, rock, psychedelia, and alternative soul, yellow shoots bring an invigorating presence to the stage that has been described as “uniquely dark and groovy.”

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