A caressing hoarse voice that distills an amazing track, here is Milan Truelove with his new title ”How Do You Hold On”. The vocal melodies are so catchy and the lyrics are beautifully written, this talented Pop artist offers languidly irresistible notes. Milan’s voice is a piece of art, he has one of the richest voices we’ve ever heard and his vocal performance on this song is more than professional which shows how talented he is. This song is about losing someone precious and the painful time before it happened, in the song Milan Truelove asks ‘How Do You Hold On, When The Pain Is Too Strong To Fight?’. Until then, be sure to follow this artist closely.

Milan Truelove is a twenty-two-year-old Pop artist from Holland. He grew up with soulful music from artists like Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin. These artists inspired him to start singing and at the age of twelve, he took singing lessons. After The Voice, he started to focus more on his own material and he started writing more songs which he is releasing in 2021!

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