“Dashboard (Loved by You)” is the latest piece of art by Pat Kiloran, aka Nobody Likes You Pat, released on May 19, 2023. The song is a pop-rock ballad that features Pat’s signature melancholic lyrics and catchy melodies. The lyrics revolve around the theme of unrequited love and the pain of being in love with someone who does not reciprocate the same feelings. The chorus is particularly memorable, with Pat’s singing, “I’m just a dashboard, loved by you, but you don’t even know my name.” 

“Dashboard (Loved by You)” is a well-crafted song that showcases Pat’s songwriting skills and unique sound. It is a must-listen for fans of Pat’s music and anyone who enjoys heartfelt pop-rock ballads.

“dashboard (loved by you),” highlighting the little details a la “watching you watching New Girl in bed, wonder what you’re wondering in your head, cuz mine is a mess.” “It’s an intimate look at the beauty and sorrow within our relationships,” says Nobody Likes You Pat. “The chorus talks about how I’d been so inundated with a desire for success, acclaim, and respect for my work. As I’ve deepened my relationship, my faith, and my self-identity, I’ve realized what I’m chasing is pretty empty compared to the love I need to give and receive from the people closest to me.” “dashboard (loved by you)” is an early glimpse into Pat Kiloran‘s, aka nobody likes you pat, forthcoming EP out this fall via Nettwerk.

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