“Stay The Night” is the new amazing song by the singer-songwriter artist OHAD, this track is one of the catchiest songs for this week. The energy of this song is so beautiful and the production is professional which took this track to a new level. The vocals are a piece of art and very powerful, this high-quality song is so catchy and definitely deserves more attention. The lyrics are so original and fit with the melody perfectly. OHAD continues to delight bodies. “Stay The Night”  is a playful take on the moments right after hooking up when you ask yourself “What’s the vibe? Am I sleeping over? Or going home and never speaking to this person again? Perfect to start the week as well as to end it, “Stay The Night” is recommended at all times of the day.

Ohad Ashkenazi (27) is a singer-songwriter from Israel, who brings eclectic flavor into the indie niche – a Pop/Soul/RnB salad. His music screams a message of self-love, sexual freedom, and emotional articulation.

Israeli-born and Hong Kong-raised, Ohad’s musical education is reflected in his body of work, which he likes to call ‘fan art

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