With an amazing singing voice, bitten by sensual turbulence, here is Olen who unveils his new catchy song entitled ”So Codependent”. The track started out as a joke between Olen and his co-writer, Tom Peyton but became one of Olen’s favorite songs on his upcoming EP. Under rock bursts and pop reminiscences, and with threatening jolts Olen catches hearts with his professional performance. ”So Codependent” sounds like more modern rock and has a catchy hook with ambiguous lyrics that let the listeners give the song its own meaning. Olen’s singing voice is a piece of art, it’s pure and distinctive, which shows how talented and skillful he is.

Olen Kittelsen has always been “kind of a late bloomer” – and nearly a decade into his music career, he’s ready for his big debut. Making pop music with a personal twist, Olen’s songs run the gamut between boisterous and reflective. The singer/songwriter from Orange County, California has a penchant for spilling his heart out over bright, buoyant melodies: Whether he’s soaring high on a radiant anthem or dwelling in a tender ballad, at the core of his art is a person just trying to make sense of his world. Olen’s debut EP, So CoDependent, finds him coming into his own, both as a human and as an artist.

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