A new wonderful masterpiece, ”Dancing On Your Own” by the talented artist Ornate. This title stands out with unique tunes, under good pop energy bursts. The vocal performance is pure and amazing and it creates a unique and wonderful atmosphere that will give you a great experience. His lyrics are touching and well-written and the melodies are beautiful and the production work is very professional. Ornate wrote this song before the pandemic, but revisited it recently and felt like the energy and lyrics were something he wanted to share. Ornate tries to share upbeat music that comes from the heart, and music that means something to him.


Ornate is a musician and producer based in Denver, CO. he has been creating music since a young age, as he was raised by a successful guitarist. Ornate has always written songs but he found a love for producing when he got to college. While he has written hundreds of songs, he has released 7 singles to date. Ornate has been featured in Spotify editorial playlists Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Pop, which has introduced him to a new fan base around the world.

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