After conquering hearts with Small Hours, here comes Otta who unveils his first EP. After It All Blew Over is a 5 track EP with melancholy overtones and nostalgic bursts. Mixing pop and jazzy echoes, in his slender voice, Otta hugs delicately.
Thus Near Enough A Woman distills a velvet groove that slides and weaves through the heads.
With his titles, Otta grabs hearts with elegance like Small Hours which shakes up his tender and singular chords.
Under vaporous swings in a burst, this artist, at the crossroads of Fiona Apple and Ora The Molecule, provides emotions in farandole. If The Otherside smacks in a playful sweetness, Everything You Wanted warms the bodies of a warm-sounding winter sun. Soul punctuations, electronic zest and caressing pop create addictive combinations.
So, After it all blew over at the mercy of gentle dissonance, pushes souls into instrumental entrenchments satiny with a cloudy delicacy.