A soulful voice that embraces notes full of gently disturbing poetry, creating a caressing rhythm, this is Rosalie with Gold.
The talented singer has won our hearts and we think you will feel the same so we decided to share it with you because without any doubt Rosalie will be your new favorite artist. Interweaving voluptuous crescendos and intimate flights with delicate guitars, it embraces its notes of incandescent sweetness, supported by minimalist percussion and stormy tensions, in soft cascades.


Fool’s Gold is the second song off of a 2-song double single project called Alchemy, the first release from Rosalie after a debilitating illness left her wondering for years if she’d ever be able to sing again. Gold was inspired by the kintsugi art form in Japan, where broken pottery is welded back together with gold to form gilded scars. This tradition is meant to symbolize that we are more beautiful for having been broken. Upon hearing this, Rosalie wrote a song that became her own anthem, detailing how she worked to turn every hardship and struggle in her life into gold.