With notes of languid and sweet chords, here is Shy Girls who delivers an album of 11 tracks, delicately fiery. Under groovy guitar riffs, psychedelic echoes with retro percussion and a clever mix of throbbing shards, Bird On the Wing invites an RnB soaked in changing echoes.
If Drain with repetitive bursts and hovering bounces sets the tone directly, Hallelujah contrasts, offering nostalgic scents of a sepia groove. As in a cloud, soft and light, his album then gravitates in moiré hues of a sensual and ethereal song like on This Your World.
Sliding at times in throbbing harmonies with electronic overtones such as Don’t Know When I will Believe, or jostled with more intense cracklings like Lazy Boy or Headfucked, Shy Girls always finds the tender chords of a nonchalant RnB (Stay Home or I Can See The Light).