Astral keys and stellar changes, here is Slenderbodies which unveils its new EP entitled Soraya. In five titles, they offer an ethereal parenthesis to the moiré assonances of graceful vibrations. Beginning in riffs with soft crackles, caressed by the song so unrecognizable of this talented duo with Soraya, they embrace their singular notes.
Like Glass Animals at the start, this duo slides emotions hemmed in by crackles with infinite echoes. Chaining on the feline elegance of Take You Home, they awaken the senses of their crystalline movements.
With warmth combined with melting sweetness, Slenderbodies creates combinations with hybrid balances like on King. Caressing guitars, wild percussions and the intoxication of a floating in weightlessness, they invite poetic and dreamy swaying. So on Queen, their notes plunged into basements with liquid echoes and haloed with irresistible beats, their harmonies irresistibly prevail.