‘’Cold’’ is a piece of art by the talented and gifted singer-songwriter Steven Curtis. This song was produced by Mike Shinoda. Under haunting percussions and reverbs with heady echoes, ‘’Cold’’ unveils gently intoxicating combinations. The vocal melodies are so catchy and the lyrics are beautifully written. Steven’s voice is pure and amazing it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres and his performance is very professional. ‘’Cold’’ makes you want to hear more. The production is polished and very professional and that will make you enjoy listening to the song until the last second. turn up the volume and discover this artist Steven Curtis.

Steven Curtis

Steven Curtis is a singer-songwriter, performer, producer, guitarist, and looper. Steven is a one-man band on stage with styles similar to John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Ed Sheeran. Steven has reached a couple of million videos views from live performances and has accumulated a following with over 20,000 fans without an album release. Steven recently caught the attention of Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. Mike recently produced an original song of Steven’s called Cold live on Twitch and is expected to release soon

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