In electro swings and pop echoes, here is Tara Hack with Only Got One. She invites you to a gentle movement bursting with caressing song with tender vibrations with her amazing singing voice. A mixture of delicate strength and slender ardor, this track bursts with smooth discharges, thus exploiting heady contrasts. Her notes have a catchy touch and flights of melancholy outbursts. With this new title, Tara Hack makes vibrate, while waiting for the continuation, impatiently. So remember the name of this talented artist.

Tara began her career as a busker in New York City’s train stations, where she played for thousands of commuters daily, gaining the attention of many prominent people. She is currently releasing her debut album in the form of singles, some of which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios. The album is being mixed by Craig Alvin, who recently won a Grammy for mixing Kasey Musgrave’s album.

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