We had to wait to discover the second album by Tender, this group that has made us succumb for a few years. With the release of Fear Of Falling Asleep, Tender finally releases hearts with delicacy and talent.
Between a softness bordered by threatening beats and subdued sifts of emotions, Handmade Ego oscillates without ever choosing. Multiplying the cloudy chords, the exquisite tensions as well as the explosions of meaning, Bottled Upclaque of sulfur zest. Like an embrace haloed by feverish reverses, their arpeggios invite to a sensual and dreamy introspection like No Devotion.
From their singular mixtures, where the contrasts intermingle in an almost carnal trance (Fear Of Falling Asleep), they question the hearts of their feelings, to the point of almost consuming them. Can’t Show My Face shakes up its pop with dark electronic echoes and velvet movements. With a strong sweetness, while restrained in their soft electro swings, When They Come For You murmurs to hearts.