A voice with sensual intonations that slides on guitar riffs and tumults of soft percussions, here is Texture Like Sun with ”Just Got Over”. As in weightlessness, his arpeggios unfold a graceful rhythm with distant vaporous echoes. His song defies gravity, ignoring time. “Just Got Over” is an Indie/Folk track that hints at the ebb and flow of emotion we feel after a perceived tragedy. Melancholic, yet somehow uplifting, the track builds throughout to a blinding crescendo. Distilling folk-sounding curls touch hearts with this delicate song. Like memories in melody, Texture Like Sun reveals the poetry of tender beauty. His voice is a piece of art, it’s pure and rich, and his performance is very professional, which shows how talented and skillful he is.

Texture Like Sun is a solo act, composer, band, and most things in between. With the release and subsequent touring of his critically lauded self-titled EP, Texture Like Sun has since been busy co-writing and performing with glitch producer Opiuo, for film (Pawno, Measure for Measure) and lending his voice to projects with producers worldwide.

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