The latest musical offering from Timber Choir, “Hollow,” is a captivating single featured on their 2023 album release, “Eternity.” This composition delves into themes of paradox and yearning, inviting listeners on an immersive voyage characterized by dynamic shifts in time signatures and an emotive chorus melody.

Lyrically, “Hollow” navigates the complexities of the human experience, exploring the quest for significance and direction amidst the inherent limitations of knowledge and agency. This introspective narrative adds depth to the song’s emotive resonance.

Timber Choir’s signature sound and stylistic flair shine through in this track, making it a standout addition to any discerning playlist.

“Hollow” not only exemplifies Timber Choir’s musical prowess but also serves as a compelling testament to the universal themes it articulates, making it a must-listen for enthusiasts of contemporary music.