Here is a gifted artist who distills a minimalist folk full of emotions. Tomo with his single ”Oh Love”, capture our hearts. The guitar is incredibly catchy and the melodies are beautiful and mesh with Tomo’s voice perfectly.  His song thus snaps with poignant poetry declaimed by his soft and singular voice. This indie/folk singer-songwriter offers a rhythm with nostalgic echoes, illuminating the choirs with a delicate ardor. The lyrics are honest and Tomo’s vocal performance is amazingly catchy. So escape under his notes which content life with a style of its own and stay attentive to this troubadour of modern times.

Tomo is an indie/folk singer-songwriter, based in Bristol, UK. Taking inspiration from a wide range of influences, including Radical Face, Shane Macgowan, Leonard Cohen, and Charles Bukowski, he has recently released his debut EP, ‘Wayward Son’. His music has been played on radio stations across the country, including on BBC Somerset and BBC Radio Bristol, and his debut single ‘Enough to Drink’ was supported by Tom Rosenthal and Atwood Magazine, among others.

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