Music has a way of evoking emotions like nothing else. Songs can transport you in time and space, excite or comfort you, or even get you dancing. Here is a list of our top 10 songs of this week.


Luke Reyvn White Lies feat. Lil XXEL


”White Lies” is about wanting to be with someone even after they have broken your trust. Love is a rollercoaster and so is White Lies!



Calum Scott – Boys In The Street


Today, multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter Calum Scott shares his new single “Boys in the Street, an intimate and deeply empathetic cover of a 2015 track from Scottish artist Greg Holden.



Jahir – Nobody Knows


Nobody knows is an upbeat gym playlist-ready single by the talented artist Jahir.


Stefan Olovsson – Wounded Hearts and Open Scars (feat. Claire Arena)


It’s a heartbreak song about two people drifting apart from their own perspectives. He wanted it to sound raw, stripped-down, and genuine as a live recording.




Tree Museum – Hardly There


”Hardly There” is the first release in a series of new music Tree Museum wrote over the last 2 years.



Ryan Cassata – HOLD ON, YOU BELONG (People Like Us) ft. Hello Noon


Ryan Cassata wrote this song about his experience coming out as a transgender youth to empower the trans youth of today. This song is to fight this horrible legislation. It’s to bring awareness to our existence.



Anna Bates – Holy Smokes


“Rising star Anna Bates releases debut EP on Neon Gold Records (Haim, Marina, Charli XCX, Christine and the Queens etc) “Holy Smokes” single is a gem!”



lil ole g – kwayne


hip hop has been a passion for over half his life. due to the daily grind of survival, she never allowed herself to take her love and talent seriously – UNTIL NOW. Make sure to follow the gifted artist lil ole g.



NELZ – Resurrected Rodent * No Blues – Celery Juice


“Resurrected Rodent” with the subtitle “No Blues – Celery Juice” is a friendly and humorous commentary on celery, celery juicing, and a tribute to all the lovely people around the globe who drink the juice and enjoy its healthy properties. And of course also a tribute to Anthony William and Spirit of Compassion.



M3RCII– Camino De Dios O Diable

Camino De Dios O Diablo means “way of God or the Devil” by M3RCII the song highlights the conversation that we have at a spiritual level with ourselves.