With an amazing percussions, which clicks the notes with a soft force, here is Ty Trehern with his new title Better Off. In twists of an airy groove, this gifted artist captivates our hearts with his ethereal and explosive harmonies. With distilled emotions with fiery elegance, Ty Trehern establishes a saving swing under colorful feelings. Better Off is a song that talks about coming to terms with the need to be alone and the process of communicating that with a significant other. So, with zest of madness and feverish sweetness, the track has an infectious melody that immediately draws you and settles in your brain.

Ty Trehern is no stranger to difference. In fact, it’s the concept of difference that fuels his latest musical effort, DEAR DICHOTOMY, a record filled with the highs and lows of inner emotions learning to co-exist and find their home within the mind of the alternative singer/songwriter from small-town Long Beach, MS. Channeling a wide variety of different influences and embracing his dynamic, high-energy style, Trehern creates something within his music that is as sonically fluid as it is personal.

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