“World is Watching” is the focus track from Welshly Arms’ new album Wasted Words & Bad Decisions. The band says on the album, “Musically we wanted to use this record to bring us back to the raw rock n roll that we had built the band on in the beginning when we were jamming in the basement. At the same time, we’ve matured and gelled as musicians over our years of touring the world together, and I think that intersection is what made this record so fun and rewarding to make!”. They captured our hearts with their amazing and professional performance in this song. The chorus is so catchy and the production is polished, smart, and took this song to a whole new level. The lyrics are honest and the vocal performance is incredibly catchy. So, Welshly Arms gives us a catchy escape from the anxiety-provoking context of these days. So turn up the volume and get high. We hope you love this song as much as we do.

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