Will Linley is a true talent in the world of music. His passion for singing and songwriting shines bright in every piece of work he creates, and he pours his heart and soul into each and every project he takes on. “Tough (The Girls Song)” by Will Linley is a new piece of art that has been making waves in the music industry.

“Tough (The Girls Song)” is a carefree breakup song that is both catchy and relatable. The lyrics are honest and raw, and The chorus is particularly catchy. The lyrics of “Tough (The Girls Song)” are honest and relatable, and the chorus is particularly wonderful. Will says, “‘Tough’ is such a carefree and playful song to me that I really think embodies the sonic space I’ve been wanting to explore a lot more. It was such a fun song to write and I really think that shines through in the actual recording.”

“Tough (The Girls Song)” is a great single that is both catchy and relatable. ‘Tough (The Girl Song)’ sees Will Linley lamenting the end of a long-distance relationship with the declaration. If you’re a fan of indie pop music, then you should definitely check out “Tough (The Girls Song)” by the talented Will Linley.


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