WYLY BIGGER’s debut album, “Broken Telephone,” is a triumphant blend of Delta blues and rock ‘n’ roll that captures the essence of Memphis’ vibrant music scene. Recorded at the historic Shelby Foote Mansion and released on Madjack Records, this nine-track collection showcases Bigger’s impressive musicianship and deep-rooted connection to the blues.

The album kicks off with the buoyant “Ain’t The First Time,” setting a lively tone that carries through to the spirited “Hello, Is That You?” and the soulful ballad “Midnight in Meridian.” Bigger’s playful yet evocative style is evident in every track, from the humorous “Weekend Behavior” to the heartfelt “I’m Lost Without You”.

Produced by Mark Edgar Stuart and featuring an all-star lineup of Memphis musicians, including Matt Ross-Spang and Jim Spake, “Broken Telephone” is a testament to Bigger’s dedication to his craft. His ability to merge historical accuracy with modern flair makes this album a must-listen for any blues and rock enthusiast.

WYLY BIGGER’s “Broken Telephone” is more than just an album; it’s a revival of the timeless spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Don’t miss out on this remarkable debut – stream it now and follow Wyly Bigger for more musical journeys.

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