”Hey Boy” is a new piece of art from Yan Simon. This talented indie-pop artist, Based in Toronto, gives us a wonderful song full of notes embroidered with feelings, intertwined with delicate percussions. The chorus is so catchy and the production is polished, smart and took this song to a whole new level. With a catch chorus, trumpets for a nostalgic vibe, and heartfelt and relatable lyrics, Yan Simon invites you to an irresistible embrace. “Hey Boy” is about a long-distance relationship, and how you would do anything to make it work. This amazing masterpiece left us so excited to see where Yan’s career will go over the coming months.

Yan Simon is an indie-pop artist, singer-songwriter, and composer. Based in Toronto, Yan writes, composes, and executive produces all of his projects. With classical piano training and a theatre background under his belt, Yan makes musical theatre-inspired pop music, aiming to empower people to celebrate their identity. From 2017to 2018 Yan has worked as a theatre composer, writing songs and music for original theatre productions based in Toronto.

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