A velvet voice that capsizes the senses on a bewitching melody, here is Zach Hood with ”never knew a heart could break itself”. In attractive pop movements intermixed with catchy bursts, the slender assonances soar haloed with soft dissonances to offer bouquets of a dreamy rhythm. Zach’s stunning voice and the production of this song mesh together perfectly which makes the melody sparkle. This song is such a nice experience. Under sweetness outbursts and delicate caresses, this talented singer/songwriter establishes a suave groove. Embroidering plural swings with the irresistible breath, Zach Hood shakes souls with his singular and bewitching rhythm.

Where we’re from dictates where we go. Zach Hood calls Alabama home. It’s where he started singing, and it’s also where he recognized his purpose. Long before moving to Los Angeles, piling up hundreds of millions of views, inspiring countless TikTok creates, generating 40 million streams, and earning acclaim from OnesToWatch, The Hidden Hits, and more, the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist heeded a personal calling to make music back in the “Jubilee City” of Daphne, AL.

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