A pop breath with caressing rock bursts, here is Volunteer with his new song ”Searching For Someone”. This artist offers a professional performance, in line with perfect harmonies. Under a song with warm overtones, he invites you to a throbbing rhythm embroidered with feelings. With this catchy track, taken from his upcoming debut album, he will make you want more. From this amazing song, his notes abound with delicate percussions and feverish incantations distilled by Volunteer’s distinctive singing. Searching for Someone is about the safety and grounding that’s possible when you fall in love. In an iridescent sweetness of poetry and a feverishly powerful fever, Volunteer marks hearts again and again.

Volunteer is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Cory Quintard. Shortly after starting Volunteer and recording the first EP in Orlando, FL, in 2014, Quintard packed up his things and moved to Nashville that same year to pursue his passion playing music full-time.

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