With “Juliet”, here is Cal Maro who murmurs a languid groove in delicate notes. In a subdued ballad of psychedelic zest and nostalgic echoes, this multi-instrumentalist breathes emotions into a sweet farandole. From his bitten notes, he gives off sensual and poetic bursts, intermingling slender pop and timid RnB punctuations. Multiplying the retro consonances, this talented artist and producer based in Brooklyn, NY, invites to a singular parenthesis. So, under guitar riffs and a caressing song, Juliet awakens hearts in an airy, vaporous puzzle. “Juliet,” inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet and follows the release of his hit single, Bad.” With Juliet, Cal Maro pushes us to an irresistible timeless escape.


At around the age of 13, Cal taught himself guitar and started playing in a hardcore band while workshopping his best ‘Sufjan-Esque’ songs. Cal experimented with his sound through playing in many bands, dabbling in hardcore, rock, folk, and indie before finally stepping into his true love for groove and melody, namely soul and R&B. In 2015, he began developing his Cal Maro project.

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