”Say It” is one of the catchy songs we’ve heard recently by the gifted artist CHILD aka DEVIN COOGAN. This song is such a nice experience, CHILD succeeded to captivate our hearts. CHILD’s voice is charmingly pure and his lyrics are original and well written. The lyrics and melodies of this record mesh together perfectly, and the vibe is catchy. So, under his caressing song, our minds sail on an infinite horizon line, on the edge of the land, between reality and dreams. This song is a winning calling card for CHILD, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Debuting August 2020, CHILD quickly amassed hundreds of thousands in streams from international music lovers. Born in New England, transplanted to Southeast US—traveled the nation in his Airstream, he effortlessly and deliberately presses against the borderlands of “current” as he remains intentionally attuned to the soul. Even while so fresh on the scene, CHILD’s YouTube content already shines as an indie competitor.

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