Here comes Deeder with a compelling groove distilled by his new title Feeling Fine. Under his caressing song of crooner, he invites you to a languorous and energizing rhythm, in dancing pulsations. Feeling Fine is a straight forward “Rocker” with a lot of energy and intensity from start to finish. A powerful anthemic chorus, with the ambition to give positive vibes to the people and making them feel fine. Multiplying gently electro jolts, Deeder succumbs to his contagious rock soul vibrations. Using the contrasts between the rather dark theme chosen and its colorful harmonies, Deeder offers the desire to dance. With sensual and spicy notes, it creates irresistible combinations.

Deeder is an independent musician, singer-songwriter, mixer, and producer from Sweden who creates songs from his home studio. Describing the majority of the music as Pop Rock with influences from Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Prog, New Wave, and Post-punk. “Deeder has a different style of rock, but he’s proven in his music that Rock is not dead and still lives in his soul!” – WITNESSTHEFAME.

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