An ardent groove twisted with languid riffs, here is Eddy Lee Ryder with There In Dreams. Playing with emotions in iridescent contrasts of sweet bursts and rock echoes invites you to a contagious rhythm. With her aerial and feverish movements, this talented artist will enchant you. Eddy’s voice is one of the most beautiful and charming voices that I have ever heard in my life and her vocal performance is very professional. with irresistible momentum cradled in addictive notes, There In Dreams, it is second to none to make the hearts of its fiery and bewitching arpeggios succumb. This song will definitely be an amazing experience for you.

Singer, songwriter, and daredevil Eddy Lee Ryder is a ready and willing mistress of everything from murder ballads to love songs and upbeat party tunes. Eddy’s unconventional, theatrical approach to songwriting mingles contagious ‘70s good-time rock riffs and pop beats with complex poetry, layers that sparkle through her well-crafted recordings. Her uproarious performances invite audiences to explore her inner world and dance with her through the apocalypse.