The talented alt-pop artist JMSEY has teamed up with popular indie pop darling Beck Pete in their hard-hitting single “I’ll Be Okay”. The singing voice is charmingly pure and the lyrics are original and well-written. The production work is very professional and polished well. The sweet ukulele and the fresh drum machine beat create youthful runaway vibes, “I’ll Be Okay” will make you enjoy until the last second. Thanks to sensual and catchy notes, it creates irresistible combinations. “I’ll Be Okay” cleverly taps into the complexities of the modern dating world driven by new relationship dynamics.

JMSEY is an Asian-American multi-instrumentalist by way of London. He owes his gritty yet pop-hybrid sound to his English/American upbringing. The tone of British pop blaring in his ears while growing up, blended with his love of American alternative bands played a heavy hand in shaping his current energy and soundscape.

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