”Good Gemini” is the newest single by the talented singer-songwriter Kenny Sharp. Under a caressing and energizing song, Kenny Sharp captures our hearts with a contagious rhythm. The production work is very professional and polished well. The vocals are a piece of art and very powerful, we have enjoyed listening to this song till the last second. A mix of addictive basslines overlaid with synthetic arpeggios, “Good Gemini” resonates intensely with emotion. “Good Gemini” stays in everyone’s mind, impatiently awaiting the follow-up.

Kenny Sharp is a singer-songwriter known for the soulful sound he calls Brown Liquor Music. Driven by powerful, raw delivery combined with poetic lyricism and storytelling, Kenny’s passions reveal an old soul that belies the singer’s fresh-faced appearance. Formerly a rapper, Kenny gradually began shifting to singing over the past few years and has emerged with a sound all his own.

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