Joshua Golden aka LovexLies is back and perhaps more dynamic than ever with an all too relatable new track ”Venom”. This piece of art is one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard recently. The chorus is so beautiful and the production is very professional. The guitars and drums are incredibly catchy and the melodies are stunning and mesh with the singing voice perfectly. The lyrics are so original and mesh with the melody perfectly, and the production is polished and sounds very professional.

LovexLies (pronounced Love & Lies) is a New York native, currently based in Virginia Beach. Influenced by a combination of 2000s Alternative rock, rap, and pop, LovexLies intentionally channels a variety of genres to tell his stories. Coming from an artist management background, Golden brings a well-rounded perspective of the industry to the table. After almost a decade of management, he realized that the business side of music wasn’t for him and that his passion is better suited for creation and performance.

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