Taken from his EP Fatale, here is Lil Red and Fatale by Nick AM who wake up the bodies, under languid salutes. After Used 2 and Almond Eyes, Nick AM proves, once again, that he creates and composes impetuous notes with torrid bursts.
Combining RnB and House echoes in a nonchalant groove with exquisite jolts, Lil Red slides in contrasting hues. Under the song of Violet which gives the comings and goings a more sustained sweetness, the title slaps the bodies.
As for Fatale, with its electro-pungent and languid RnB swaying at the same time, the crackling takes hearts with a captivating sweetness. Accelerating the rhythms into fiery percussions, Fatale is transformed using alternately subdued and boosted swings. So, in a contagious rhythm, Nick AM succeeds in his bet: to make you want to dance, under emotions veiled with raging sweetness.