Nothing but a Nightmare brings the heat with their infectious new single ”The Old Days”. Between the amazing beat and the catchy melodies and the vibe on the chorus, this song has energy with good vibes, the melodies are so rich and stunning, and the singing voice will hook you in. The melody of this track is catchy and impressive, and the production is great and sounds professional. The guitars and drums are incredibly catchy and mesh with the singing voice perfectly. For an addicting ride, turn up the volume and let yourself be consumed by these jumps with fiery intoxicating vibes.

Nothing but a Nightmare, or “NBN” for short, is an alternative rock band that was formed by a group of high school best friends in Philly. The band has formed an extensive local following from their music releases, playing music festivals, and local venues around the Philadelphia area. NBN has gained over 100k streams from their past albums “Nostalgia” and “Kleptomania” and even opened a live performance for Andy Grammar. NBN’s newest project “The Salvation” is the band’s best work, looking into the psyche of the group and relationships of the band’s past.

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