This amazing track ”Problems” by the talented artist Daniel Monte, is one of the catchiest tunes.  ”Problems” is a touching ballad that talks about the complexities of the relationships in our lives and the feeling of isolation and loneliness that can be felt when those relationships are having issues. The melodies are stunning and mesh with Daniel Monte’s voice perfectly. The energy of this song is so wonderful and the production is energetic and professional which took this song to a new level. The vocal melodies are so catchy and the lyrics are beautifully written. Daniel Monte is skilled and he has so much talent when it comes to singing. We are very excited to see where Daniel Montecareer will go over the coming months. Daniel Monte provides warm notes, inviting a colorful break. Turn up the volume for this indelible single.

With over 10 years of classical training in violin and piano, Daniel Monte has developed into a seasoned musician. His passion for music coupled with his extensive training allows him to fuse symphonic arrangements with contemporary music to create a unique sound. Drawing influence from a variety of artists, his arrangements blend classical instrumentation and film-like motifs with pop sounds featuring electric guitars and synthesizers. The eclectic sound of Daniel Monte is sure to keep the audience entertained throughout his debut album, “Familiar”, as well as in his live shows.

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