Notes with rock resonances jostled in a feverish swing, here is Saint Djuni with Spaceman. After the first listen we hooked by the uppercuts bursting with feverish percussion and devastating breath. The dark atmospheres are catchy and the haunting beats are so enjoyable and the production is great and very professional. Spaceman (Happy Again) talks about being yourself and accepting difficulties in life, and take the positive out of it. Also being strong to take a leap of fate in your colorful fantasies and ideas. Because that is what will make us happy.


L’image contient peut-être : texte qui dit ’SAINT DJUNI’

Saint Djuni is the new music group created as a positive outlet by Clifford Goilo (Bakermat, Jeremy Renner & Bone Thugs N Harmony) & Rasmus Viberg (Next To Neon, MOMENT). Two musical friends who met in 2 different countries (Estonia & France) and are from two different nationalities (Curaçao & Sweden) making music that just feels right. Rasmus & Clifford started this project when the pandemic started and just couldn’t stop making music after. It was then that both decided that people need to hear their music.

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