“Shame”  is the new release by the talented band SeepeopleS.  They invite you to an awakening of emotions. “Shame” carries away intensely and without concessions, with throbbing spikes in rock echoes, leaving you like an addiction in suspense. The guitars are very heavy and so harmonious, the drums and bass are excellent and the beats are very creative and unique. Blending stormy percussions and aerial echoes in a catchy groove, SeepeopleS capture our hearts with its magnificent intonations.


SeepeopleS, the original anti-genre indie act from Portland ME (formerly Asheville, NC and Boston, MA). For years SeepeopleS has been building a true underground fanbase.  With critically acclaimed albums that feature members of Dave Matthews Band (Tim Reynolds), Morphine, Parliament/Funkadelic, Spearhead, and even Lynyrd Skynrd, this is a band with some serious street cred. More interesting is the fact they sound nothing like these aforementioned acts, and that musicians from across the musical spectrum have been gravitating to this band for 16 years (Band was formed in 2000.)

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