”Stuck In The Sky” is the new single by Skender Beck. Beaten by sensual beats and traversed by catchy vibrations, full of twists and turns. This is the first single that Skender is releasing after his Stars Aligned album. The chorus is so catchy and the production is polished, and smart and took this song to a whole new level.  This amazing masterpiece will leave you so excited to see Skender’s upcoming projects. ”Stuck In The Sky”  stacks pop effervescence against a building sense of dread d v, concluding in a shudder of rhythmic menace. Skender Beck revives our hearts with this hot rhythm and fiery waves. ”Stuck In The Sky” is the most beautiful way to enjoy your day.

Albanian singer-songwriter who lives and works in Los Angeles, Skender Beck, is a rock artist born in Kosovo. Although he receives inspiration from a number of styles, Skender Beck combines a variety of compositional elements to form his unique and authentic sound. Skender Beck currently has one album and two singles in his Spotify discography. One of his most popular tracks, ‘This Is How It Ends’, has already amassed more than a hundred thousand views on Vevo.

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