An iridescent pop of aerial swings, here is somegirlnamedanna which distills an ethereal groove with the slender“kitchen table”.

Under notes of metaphorical swaying, somegirlnamedanna invites contemplative waves. Bursting with a serene and fiery rhythm, somegirlnamedanna smacks of sweet and fiery emotions. Her melancholy and poignant song leads in dark harmonies with gently luminous halos, in an irresistible caressing refrain.
So, with tempestuous breath, “kitchen table” whispers directly to hearts, under majestic beats and intoxicating back and forth.

somegirlnamedanna has won our hearts with her catchy song “kitchen table” and without any doubt that somegirlnamedanna will be one of your favorite artists.


Let’s make this clear. somegirlnamedanna is not a brand. It is not an image. It is not an alter ego. Instead, it is the story of Anna, “a girl with a name like all of us are.” Born and raised in a remote area of Minnesota, her imagination flourished without television or social media. An antique grand piano in the living room called to her as she repeated melodies and jingles from the radio by ear as a young child.

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