Tanner Cherry released his new attractive song ”Yesterday”. The guitars and drums are incredibly catchy and the melodies are stunning and mesh with Tanner’s voice perfectly.  Embroidered with nostalgia and weightless emotions, ”Yesterday” exudes ethereal movements of exquisite elegance. With pop rocked crackles and rock bursts, Tanner Cherry carries on in catchy and introspective beats. The production of this song is polished and sounds very professional and the chorus is wonderful.  ”Yesterday” is goodbye to old days and old habits while grabbing on to the new days and opportunities to really live life.

Raised in Nashville, Tanner Cherry grew up loving and playing music. For the past few years, he has written and recorded several songs with different artists and studios. With the influence of rock, blues, R&B/Soul, and pop, he blends memorable rhythms with meaningful lyrics in hopes of connecting with every listener.

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