“Constant” is the futuristic, rock, pop, industrial second single from The Haunt’s sophomore EP, “Social Intercourse”.  With their Pop in subdued hues of heady sweetness, they intoxicate the bodies with synthetic notes with feverish bursts, haloed with an irresistible minimalist groove, embroidered with warm guitars.  A professional production by Matt Good that creating an amazing sound, and the talented guitarist and singer Max Haunt has a charming and unique singing voice. Constant was written to pay homage to the chaos and inconsistencies often experienced in teenage relationships. It talks about how emotions change like the wind throughout those years, and how selfish people can be when they can’t figure out what they want.

The Haunt conjures a wild, youthful and stylish indifference that reflects an era when rock n’ roll was ‘by and for’ the beautiful outcasts. Led by siblings Anastasia & Max, the group creates a strong bond with fans through their live shows, and online, by encouraging confidence and authenticity. Their Alt-Rock-Pop sound elicits a feeling of both classic and contemporary rock/pop icons who have influenced their music, and denies any claim to chasing trends. New single ‘BRAG ABOUT’ out now.

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