Synth full of vaporous rock, here is Zayde Wølf, who unveils ”Back At It”. Cradled at the same time of softness and ardor that mingle and merge, his playful notes carry away. Zayde has one of the most beautiful voices we have ever heard, and his vocal performance is charming and very professional, which definitely shows how talented he is. Mixture of dancing rhythm and caressing turbulence,” Back At It” invites you to a singular parenthesis. Infused with rock echoes, Zayde’s rock is amazing and powerful. The production is polished and very professional, making you enjoyed listening to the song until the last second.

He’s a songwriter, producer, and one-of-a-kind artist in his own right. Having licensed hundreds of songs, his music is everywhere. Ranging from film trailers, television shows, and video games to major domestic and international advertisements on the internet with FoxNBCABCESPNMTVCBS, and TLC networks, it’s hard not to run into his powerful lyrics and energetic sonic production.

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