We continue our sweet week of discoveries with the most magical musical moment unveiled by Jovi Skyler and his album “Nothing to Do,” an opus to discover as soon as possible as it will accompany your days in the sweetest and most beautiful ways. Jovi Skyler’s latest album, “Nothing to Do,” released on May 19, 2023, has been described as a grunge-infused journey of raw energy and introspection. The album features ten tracks that blend punk, alternative rock, and psychedelia. It is a call back to ’90s rock, an era that many will bitterly claim was the very last time that music was any good.

The album kicks off with If You Think So,” a track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song features distorted guitars and a driving rhythm section that creates a sense of urgency and restlessness. The lyrics are introspective, with Skyler questioning his place in the world and his purpose in life.

The second track, Nervosa,” is a fast-paced punk rock song that showcases Skyler’s vocal range. The song features a catchy chorus that will have listeners singing along in no time. The third track, Danger Land, slows things down a bit, with a more laid-back groove and a psychedelic guitar solo.

Got It Wrong is one of the standout tracks on the album, with its infectious melody and sing-along chorus. The song features a driving rhythm section and a catchy guitar riff that will have listeners tapping their feet. The lyrics are introspective, with Skyler questioning his decisions and wondering if he’s made the right choices in life.
Tattoos is another standout track, with its catchy chorus and memorable guitar riff. The song features a more upbeat tempo than some of the other tracks on the album, and the lyrics are more lighthearted, with Skyler singing about his love for tattoos.

The album closes with Survivor,” a slow-burning ballad that showcases Skyler’s songwriting skills. The song features a simple guitar melody and Skyler’s emotive vocals. The lyrics are introspective, with Skyler singing about feeling lost and alone in the world.
“Nothing to Do” is an impressive debut album from Jovi Skyler. The album showcases Skyler’s unique blend of punk, alternative rock, and psychedelia, and his songwriting skills are on full display throughout the album. The album has been described as having a ’90s alt-rock nostalgia and a grunge-infused journey of raw energy and introspection. Fans of ’90s rock and alternative music will find a lot to love on this album.

With its soulful tone and warm vocal performances, Jovi Skyler’s musical signature is delicious, and irresistible, taking us on board with sincerity and emotion. “Nothing to Do” is a pure and beautiful musical journey that will save your mood and ease your mind.

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Jovi Skyler is a Sydneysider punk-rocker singer-songwriter and DIY music video maker. Skyler has dedicated many years to his craft as a songwriter since picking up the guitar. Having studied at the Conservatorium of Music for a spell before dropping out, he proceeded to live abroad in Europe for over two years gigging under various monikers as a staunch soloist playing only original songs unplugged in cafes, bars, and other venues. It was during this time that Jovi’s consistent exposure to entertainment hubs fermented his creative fervor and desire to focus light on the dynamics of heady distractions.

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