A pop breath with airy overtones and languidly intoxicating movements, here is FRANKE who unveils NOT DYING TODAY, a little ballad bitten by sweet beats, distilling groovy turbulence at will, in sweet farandole.
Mixing under his carnal song, pop echoes and soulful bursts in graceful rock consonances, this talented artist currently lives in Los Angeles, offers an electrifying groove of hearts with a crazy delicacy.

Multiplying the epicurean crepitations and the sensual jolts sifted with soul grains, he combines them with delicious percussions and synthetic hues. Navigating in notes with caressing bursts, FRANKE invites to gentle rhythmic storms in addictive swings.
So, in textures with groovy breaths at will, this artist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, captivates hearts, with bewitching elegance. Looking forward to the rest, here is an artist to follow very closely.