Hudi, the 25-year-old rapper-singer-producer from Manhattan‘s Washington Heights, has released a new single titled “Yung”. The song, which was written by Hudson Prichett, is a mellow alternative-rap track that features relatable lyrics and smooth vocals. This incredible song by the talented  Hudi is one of the catchiest tunes we’ve ever heard. The energy of this song is so beautiful and the production is smart and professional which took this song to a new whole level. “Yung” is a great addition to Hudi’s discography and a promising preview of what’s to come in his upcoming projects. With his unique style and relatable lyrics, Hudi is definitely an artist to watch in the coming months. Enjoy this new thrills title, while waiting for the rest from Hudi, impatiently. So remember the name of this talented artist, to watch very closely.

Before he was Hudi, he was Hudson Prichett, an early aughts uptown kid whose grandmother nicknamed him “Huddy” and who grew up with the sounds of 50 Cent, Jay-Z, The Neptunes, Missy Elliott, and Eminem in his Walkman headphones. The budding artist began rapping as a kid, but he first experimented with making music in secret, borrowing his mother’s blue snowball mic (she sings, teaches vocal coaching at NY, and at one time wrote for The New York City Jazz Record) and messing around with Garageband and Logic in the confines of his own room.

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