This amazing song, “Fake Love” from the talented artist Rxtherapper, is going to leave you stuck on repeat over and over again. The tune is so catchy and the production work is very professional. Rxtherapper has one of the richest singing voices. His track is unique and his lyrics are so touching. In this Video RXtherapper addresses the “Fake Love” Dynamic of the industry & people who bandwagon. The atmosphere of this song is very unique and so enjoyable. “Fake Love” stays in everyone’s mind, impatiently awaiting the follow-up.

Rxtherapper is what you would call a rapper’s rapper who takes pride in his lyrical abilities with many different styles and versatility not limiting himself to one sound. He is extremely diverse with different cadences and rhyme patterns that make him unique. Throughout his career, he has worked with Artists such as Kxng Crooked, Twista, Spice 1, Kobe Honeycutt, 80empire, Wrekonize of Mayday, San Quinn, Glace Conway, & Moguls like Freeway Rick Ross & Dj Efn, and many more.

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