Test Patterns release a new single “Don’t Ask Me,” which is a testament to his enduring talent and creativity. The song has a unique sound that blends elements, creating a vibe that is both energetic and modern.“Don’t Ask Me” features Test Patterns’ signature vocals, which are as powerful and emotive as ever. Test Patternss stunning voice and the production of this song mesh together perfectly which makes the melody sparkle. We hope you love this song as much as we do. The song is a testament to Test Patterns’ ability to connect with his audience deeply and personally. Test Patterns invites you to feverish notes that snap intensely. There is no doubt that with this track, Test Patterns successfully conquers our hearts with a heady swing setback, bursting with catchy unique rhythms.

Gage Bickerstaff of Test Patterns has a lot to say, but does it very subtly. He is a music school dropout, and an eclectic composer who seems to have a love-hate relationship with pop music, reaching for pop motives and ideas but with a modern compositional mind, creating a tension seldom seen in contemporary mainstream music. This is pop music as he sees it; an outsider shining a light on something past its golden age. On a casual listen you might think you’re listening to the radio, but if you dig deeper you’ll discover a rich complexity of harmony and social awareness that competes with anything you come across in the modern zeitgeist.

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