With an amazing performance, the rising HipHop/R&B artist The River released a new track titled ”Vanilla Cream”.  The production is polished and sounds very professional and the chorus is wonderful. The atmosphere of this song is very unique and so enjoyable. The singing voice is a piece of art and very powerful, we enjoyed listening to ”Vanilla Cream” till the last second. ”Vanilla Cream”  is one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard recently. By intermingling retro uppercuts and contemporary movements, this talented artist touches our hearts. With this new track, The River offers a rhythm with chimerical horizons.

The River is a rising HipHop/R&B artist based in Denver, Colorado. She is known for mesmerizing vocal styling and sultry vibes. Originally a marching band nerd, her artistic journey has led her to explore dance, multimedia arts, and songwriting. A lifelong poet, her pieces soon grew from poetry into raps and songs, highlighting her unique perspective and passionate messaging. Her music is known for its expressive lyricism matched with wicked beats, and her major musical influences are queens such as Amy Winehouse and Qveen Herby.

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